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About Photography / Hobbyist Asdfghjkl;Female/United States Group :iconskrillex-fanart: Skrillex-Fanart
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5278 369778603136583 1943315666 N :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 2 1 Image :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 3 6 Hii :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 0 0 :D :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 0 1 Caliee And I :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 0 3 Simply me ~ :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 1 0 (: :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 1 4 I want one xc :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 7 8 Today thouu cx :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 8 13 becauseimthatawesomecx :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 2 7 Im a Dinosaur :D :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 1 0 Us thouu c: :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 1 3 Bored #1 :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 2 14 Moi~! :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 6 2 WhenIamBored:3 :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 5 2 Isaiah and Moi~ :iconkaitlinishme:KaitlinIshMe 1 0
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Made This For Yhu Boo! :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 4 40 ASDFGHJKL :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 1 3 Neff :D :iconelliotlovespancakes:ElliotLovesPancakes 4 34 They Called Me Fat .. Bitch I Aint Fat :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 2 28 Daniella ! :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 1 20 Hair Cut. :iconchadsimpson:ChadSimpson 0 91
I'm Happy :D
I got my hair no more "Justin Bieber" comments c;
:iconchadsimpson:ChadSimpson 1 36
Hey Peopppleee xD
It's Been A Long Ass Day xP
Stupid Teacher Got Me Suspended o:
Here Goes Le Convo ;
Teacher ; JASON come up to the Board.
Me ; Uh? No I Dont Get Your Teaching Might As Well Quit.
Teacher ; Excuse You?
Me ; You Heard Me Go Talk To a Nerd I Aint Your Guy.
Teacher ; Sir. Go To The Principal NOW!
Me ; No. I Didn't Do Nothing
Teacher ; Jason Elijah Dont Make Me Call Your Parents.
Me ; Pshht Go Ahead They'll Belive Me Not You.
Teacher ; Leave.
Me ; iight (:
xD Bitch Please I Aint Going To No Principal I Went To Sleep In The BathRoom
Hoes These Days Fucking W. My Sister SMH I'll Cut Chu Nigga
Who's Gunna Give Me Chocolate For Valentines c;
:iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 0 93
When History Class Ish Boring :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 1 11 ^ :iconkaydenloveschocolate:KaydenLovesChocolate 3 49 Curls Cx :iconpandatimecx:PANDATIMECX 1 5 /.\ Last Picture Of Us Togetha :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 1 0 Meet Damian My Lil Brother :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 2 63 GoodNite See Yall Tomorrow :iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 3 27
Update xD
Today ~
My Mom Asked Me '' Jason Hun Whens Your Date Of Birth''
Me ''o.o You Gave Birth To Me You Should Know !?''
Mom '' Umm Yeah 7/9/1999 Right?''
Me '' ._. Shure Mom Shure Are You Shure Im NOT Adopted?''
~~This Girl Got Me Cray-Cray For Her Gotta Wait Til' Valentines Though c;
:iconjasonsdimplethough:JasonsDimpleThough 1 0
Brandon and Paige :iconchadsimpson:ChadSimpson 1 25
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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

Heyyo ;3 I`m

But People Call Me Cookie^^
~♥~Random Info Section o:~♥~
-Gender: Female
-Taken/Single: Singlee ;c
-Birthday: May 2nd oo;
-Sign: Taurus c;
-Hair Color: Lt. Brown ;b
-Eye Color: Hazel o-o
-Height: Idek o.e
-Straight/Bisexual/Gay: Straight
-Favorite Color: Purple, Black, Neon Green, Blue cx
-Favorite Sport: Cheer & Vollyball♥
:iconpoptartcat: :iconimagination1plz::iconimagination2plz::iconimagination3plz::iconimagination4plz::iconimagination5plz::iconpoptartcat:


:iconpandatimecx::iconbuddehawesomecx::iconsour-patch-kid-swagg::icongracevstheworld::iconcarlaishrandom::iconbeastybros::iconrawritssophiaacx::iconcalieeishme::iconedwinlovessnapbacks::iconedwinateyourcookies::iconneoncupcakesxd::iconmusic-is-just-me::iconlovely-boo::iconizzygotswaqq::iconlovelylauren143::iconcheerforeveramp::iconlifes-what-u-make-it::iconishsavannah: :iconblahishjuliaxd::iconkevinthelegend::iconandthentherewasmexd::iconiiishamandaa::iconjoeishepic::icon13cheetahcat::iconwubdaninjas::icondrakelovesyuh::icondavidmatthewful::icontrentalert::iconourfinaladventure::icononeacenadozenhearts::icongirlity::icongracevstheworld::iconxxheresjonniexx: :iconmaylovedinoz: :iconohitselena::iconistoleyurswaqq::iconrecklesstyler::icongamerteel::iconbeanmen:


:thumb331463274: Besties xD by DrakeLovesYuh Cookie!!! by AndThenThereWasMecx
My fave gif xD by KaitlinIshMe pan man lol by tgazer LOL by rosieluve EVERYONE CLICK ON DOMO by deathforheart
I ish hacking you cx and Kevin loves his baby sister! <33 :3
I’m Tired Of Crying, Tired Of Trying. Yeah I’m Smiling. But Deep Inside I’m Dying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Joee Here Showing LOVE To My CookieKaitlin:) Lovee You Wifeyy<333 >o<:) TakeCare. . .(Dont Nobody Betta Hurt Her!!!)


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Happy Birthday.
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Happy Birthday

(Though I was gonna give you my Birthday card I did for you, but lost it).
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